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Anarchism and Psychology Abuse of power is a hallmark of the state. Anarchist theory provides useful insight.
Corporate Power The corporation now rivals and even eclipses the state as a detriment to society.
High-Stakes Testing

Corporate elites advocate public-school high-stakes testing.

Psychology, Law and
Both the state and the corporation rely on the legitimacy they receive from law, which is designed to maintain the status quo. A social psychologist by training, I'm especially interested in psychology's failure to challenge law's legitimacy.
Critical Psychology

The politics of psychology, which plays a broad role in maintaining an unjust status quo and has its own status quo.

Beyond 9/11:
Terror and War

World Trade Center Attack, War and Peace: reaction and analysis, mostly old

Israel and Palestine I've been wrestling with this complex set of problems on personal, academic, and political levels.
Sexuality, Psychology, and Politics The personal, the interpersonal, and the political - struggling with the disparity between where we are and where we'd like to be in relation to love, intimacy, sex; polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, and more
Politics on my Campus Archived materials on union-busting, restructuring of higher education, and more at the University of Illinois at Springfield (the former Sangamon State University). Old stuff -- I'm now retired and no longer live in Illinois.
Other topics

Chronological list of opinion columns.

Also: local issues with broader themes.

I'm interested in politics broadly: who wields power, and how.

My politics are inconsistent. I use the term "radical" easily enough. "Anarchist" is closest. Maybe anarcho-communist, which I have the most affinity for and which is closely related to much of my academic work.

I generally steer clear of liberal reform efforts, which divert attention from radical social change even as they sometimes help real people; yes, that's a dilemma. We have enough liberals. We don't have enough people pushing boundaries in reasonable and fundamental ways.

I've been involved in direct action, mass organization, and other political efforts over the years, most recently the Occupy movement (list). I prefer direct action to electoral politics and lobbying legislators.

I sporadically post related comments about a variety of issues on my blog. Though not recently.

Photos on my separate photo website sometimes reflect political themes, especially protest activities.

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Academic Papers Opinion Columns Personal Essays Course Materials
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